The Mori Kyozo Collection

Mori Kyozo (1907-1984) was a chief editorial writer for the Asahi Newspaper. For many years, he also wrote the leader articles of the weekly Asahi Journal, and was one of postwar Japan's most distinguished journalists. He also taught courses to students in the undergraduate research student program of the Institute of Journalism and Communication Studies (the precursor to the present Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies).

The following materials donated by the family of Mori Kyozo are currently preserved at the Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies:

The Collected Works of Mori Kyozo (Mori Kyozo Chosakushu) CD-ROM Edition

This collection was collated by the Newspaper and Multi-media Library of the Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies. However, certain materials covered by copyrights possessed by people other than Mori Kyozo himself, and materials concerned with private matters, such as diaries, have not been included.

These Collected Works are available for view at the above mentioned library or in the reading room of the ISICS Library. However, access is limited to those whose purpose is research, and there are also restrictions on downloading and obtaining printouts.

The Mori Kyozo Library (Mori Kyozo Bunko)

Books formerly owned by Mori Kyozo have also been donated and are preserved in the III Library. Although these have been classified and shelved along with the rest of the library's collection, they are distinguishable by special tags affixed to their covers. Access to these books is governed by the same rules as those applying to the III library's general collection.

Other Materials

In addition to the above, the ISICS Library also holds the materials listed below.
Since they are concerned with private matters, or are in a serious condition of physical decay, these items are in principle unavailable for view. Anyone seriously requiring access to them for research purposes should consult with staff at the III Library.

Call No. Contents
D1-60 Mori Kyozo Diaries
F1-45 Items numbered from F1 to F40 consist of newspaper and magazine cuttings held by Mori Kyozo. They are classified according to a schema devised by Shibata Eiichi (a former Asahi Newspaper journalist) and stored in clear files.
These items were originally to be included in the Collected Works of Mori Kyozo, but excluded for reasons mentioned above Item number F44 consists of lecture notes by Mori Kyozo, while F45 is a related work written by a different author. Both have been recorded on CD-ROM.
There are also some materials related to the production of the CD-ROM.
Z1-29 Manuscripts and other items not recorded on CD-ROM.
Articles not by Mori Kyozo himself found amongst his collection of newspaper and magazine cuttings.

A detailed breakdown of the above items can be seen on the Japanese version of this webpage.
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