Obtaining service of PDF

  1. About obtaining service of PDF
    • After the user propose the copy of the article of journal on web, they can read and copy on web.
    • At present the acceptance counters are General Library, Komaba Library, Kashiwa Library and the Library of Economics, and others.

  2. The flowing of this service
    1. The user searches the journal by MyOPAC and click PDF batten.
    2. The mail of permission of reading will be sent to the user.
    3. From URL pointed by mail, the user reads and copies the articles.
    4. User does payment.

  3. The object of this service
    • The object of this service is the graduate school students and staffs of III/GSII Studies.
      (Mobile faculty aren't concluded in the object, because they have already done registration in the former department.)

  4. Method of Payment
    • It is possible to pay by both public and private expense.
    • When user pay by private expense, please transfer to ATM.
      1. Please transfer to the following account.
        Bank: 三井住友銀行 (Mitsui Sumitomo Bank): 0009
        Blanch: 東京第一支店 (Tokyo first blanch): 931
        Account: 普通預金 (an ordinary deposit): 9519832
        Name: 国立大学法人東京大学部局収入金 (National Universities Corporation, University of Tokyo, Income money of department)
        *Please use ATM of Mtsuisumitomo bank in front of Yasuda Hall.
        (It is not necessary to pay the transfer commission there in business hours.)

      2. You have to bring the receipt to III/GSII library.
        It is always necessary, and you must not forget.

        Acceptance time; weekday 9:30−17:00

    • User pay the fee by public expense, it liquidates as well as the ILL service.
    • Expense ; 20yen/page of PDF

To use obtaining service of PDF, it is necessary to complete the application both the use of Library of the University of Tokyo and the use of MyOPAC delivery request service.
Please ask us (III/GSII library), if you have not applied yet or don't know whether or not. (Acceptance time; 9:30-17:00)

III/GSII library
TEL 03-5841-5915 (extension 25915)
E-mail: tosyo@iii.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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