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The Institute has two libraries. The III library mainly holds books, journals, and magazines. The Multi-media and Socio-information Studies Archive Library has a large collection of newspapers.

A key feature of the III library is the references pertaining to information media -- such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, telecommunications, movies, advertising, and the like as well as basic references on theory, history and surveys of mass communications -- are collected and sorted systematically. This is done for materials from both Japan and overseas.

The vast majority of the references owned by the library concern information, media, and communications. Some of these references are extremely rare: references on media control with a focus on the fascism period in Japan, a wood block printed newspaper collection from the end of Edo Era, a collection of Nichikie from the beginning of the Meiji Period (Hideo Ono Collection), a collection of propaganda posters from World War I, and the like. There are also a number of black issues of popular magazines from the period prior to World War II, a wide-ranging journal collection, many foreign periodicals related to overseas communications research, basic references concerning new media, and disaster information. The library contributes much to research in related fields.

Also, the library is active in informatization. Personal computers connected to LAN are available for users. A retrieval system for books and journals owned by the library which uses OPAC has been introduced as well as a retrieval system for articles and papers. Other wide-ranging services, including use of the Internet are provided.

Number of Holdings
Approximetely 125,500 volumes
Subject Coverage
Newspaper, publishing, broadcasting, journalism, mass communication, disaster and information, socio-information, etc.
Special Collections:
-Ono Hideo Collection
Japanese woodblock prints and other historical materials collected by Hideo Ono, the first president of IJCS (the forerunner of III).
-Chiyu Bunko:
Popular books on history and politics collected by the entertainer Chiyu Ito.
-Thesis materials:
Master's and doctor's theses of the Intitute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies Graduate Courses--imcomplete.

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