Guide to Users from outside of III

How to use the III Library

1. Users Qualification

Persons bringing appropriate identification can access the library resources.

2. Entry Procedure

Bags and other belongings should be put in the lockers in the reading room.
Please present your identification first.
Users intending to enter the stacks, please recieve "A stack permit".

3. Viewing (temporary use)

Almost all library materials are stored in the stacks.
Users unable to enter the stacks can request materials by filling a call slip.
Please return them until 5:00 p.m.

4. Borrowing

Please leave your UTokyo identification card on the IC card reader at the service counter.
Non-circulating materials:
Unbound journals, theses, reference books.
Books located at a faculty member's office:
In principle, access is prohibited.
Loan extention:
Loan extension allowed once, except for reserved items, or under delay penalties by logging into MyOPAC.

*** Librarians must have access to borrowing materials at any time. Please return books and journals recalled immediately!


5. Copying

Please fill out the appropriate form before making copies with self-service facilities.
A coin-operated copy machine is located in the library.

Inter-Library Services

1. Within the University of Tokyo

  • Intra-university delivery service: Available
  • Intra-university photocopying service : Both order and accept
  • 2. Institutions outside the University of Tokyo

    Various libraries may borrow materials and obtain copies of documents held by the III library.
    Please consult a librarian at your institution.

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