Library Hours

Weekdays: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 [Calendar]
Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, Dec. 28 to Jan. 4

User Registration
(for former III/GSII members)

  • Former students or faculty/staff members at the III/GSII may apply for a Pass to the III/GSII Library of the University of Tokyo (III/GSII Library Pass) which is valid only for the III/GSII Library.
  • The III/GSII Library Pass is valid from the date of issue until the end of the fiscal year (i.e., till the end of next March).
  • If there is a change in your address, phone number, or e-mail address, please let us know.
New Issuance

Please submit the following to the counter during the library opening hours.
* It will take one to two weeks to go through approval procedure.

  • Application form to Pass to the III/GSII Library of the University of Tokyo
  • Certificate of enrollment/employment
  • Official identification which includes your name and address (e.g., health insurance card or driving license, etc.)

Please submit the following to the counter during the library opening hours.
Renewal will be completed on the same day. You can apply one month before the expiration date.

  • Your III/GSII Library Pass
  • Official identification

If you lose your pass, the Library will reissue it. The same procedure as new issuance is required.

Admission / Use Reading Room

There are no procedures required to enter the III/GSII Library or use materials in the reading room, such as newly arrived books and journals for the most recent year.

Using Stack Materials

Most of the materials are kept in the stacks.

  • Present your III/GSII Library Pass at the counter and receive a "stack permit" to enter the stacks.
  • Please be sure to return the "stack permit" after you finish.
  • It is not allowed to bring your luggage into the stacks. Please use coin return lockers (100 yen) in the reading room.
  • Please return materials to where they were.


  • Please bring materials you wish to borrow to the counter, and present your III/GSII Library Pass.
  • Type of Materials Loan Period Maximum Number of Items Renewal
    Books 1 month 10 1 time, for 1 month
    Bound Journals 1 week 5 1 time, for 1 week

    * Materials Not to Be Borrowed: unbound journals, reference books, microform materials, rare materials, master's theses/doctoral dissertations, books located in the laboratories

  • Renewing
    • You can renew your loans before due date up to 1 time unless they have not been reserved by another user. Please bring these materials to the counter to renew.

Returning Materials

  • Please bring materials to be returned to the counter.
    • You can return III/GSII Library materials to any UTokyo library.
  • Book drop at the library entrance is available during opening hours of the III/GSII main building, except for the following materials. Please bring the materials to the counter.
    • Audio-visual materials such as CDs/DVDs
    • Damaged materials
    • Bound Journals


  • Please fill out the photocopy application form located by the copy machine and submit it to the counter.
    • You may photocopy portions of library materials within the limit of the Copyright Act of Japan, with the exception of the materials not suitable for electronic copying such as damaged materials.
  • If you would like to have a receipt, please ask the staff.
Copy Machines
Location Payment Method Note
Reading room Cash (coin/1,000 yen bill) For library materials only
Copying Fee
Type Fee
Black & White 10 yen
Color 50 yen

* The library cannot provide change, so please bring small denominations as needed. 1,000 yen bills can be used.

Using Other Libraries

Other UTokyo Libraries

  • Terms of use differ depending on the library. Please check the List of UTokyo libraries. Student/staff ID, Alumni Library Pass, or Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo will be required when you use them.
Alumni Library Pass / Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo
1. For Alumni
Alumni can apply for the Alumni Library Pass. For details, please see the "Alumni Library Pass" page on the General Library website.
2. For Former Faculty/Staff Members
Former faculty/staff members may apply for the Alumni Library Pass or the Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo depending on your former status at UTokyo. For details, please contact the General Library using the Inquiry form.

Libraries outside the UTokyo

The III/GSII Library does not accept requests to inquire about other libraries' holdings or to issue letters of introduction. Please contact them by yourself.