Library Hours

Weekdays: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 [Calendar]
Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, Dec. 28 to Jan. 4

User Registration
(for III/GSII members)

(Graduate students, Graduate Research Students, Graduate International Research Students)
  • Please enter your address, phone number and e-mail address into the UTAS system. They will be automatically registered in the library system on the following day.
  • If there is a change in your address, phone number, or e-mail address, please update UTAS accordingly.
(Special Auditor, Special Research Student, Undergraduate Research Student)
Faculty and Staff with IC Type Staff ID
  • Please fill out the "Application form to Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo (for III/GSII members) PDF " and submit it with your IC type staff ID to the III/GSII Library.
  • Please renew your library registration in any of the following circumstances:
    • When you have become newly affiliated with the III/GSII (except for "mobile faculty" who have completed the procedure at the libraries of their original departments)
    • When your staff ID has been reissued
    • When your user registration has expired
Faculty and Staff with Non-IC Type Staff ID
Professors Emeritus at III/GSII

Admission / Using the Reading Room

There are no procedures required to enter the III/GSII Library or use materials in the reading room, such as newly arrived books and journals for the most recent year.

Using Stack Materials

Most of the materials are kept in the stacks.

  • Present your student/staff ID at the counter and receive a "stack permit" to enter the stacks.
  • Please be sure to return the "stack permit" after you finish.
  • It is not allowed to bring your luggage into the stacks. Please use coin return lockers (100 yen) in the reading room.
  • Please return materials to where they were.


  • Please bring materials you wish to borrow to the counter and present your student/staff ID or library card.
  • Type of Materials Loan Period Maximum Number of Items Renewal
    Books 2 months 20 1 time, for 1 month
    Bound Journals 1 week 5 1 time, for 1 week

    * Materials That Cannot Be Borrowed: unbound journals, reference books, microform materials, rare materials, course reserved books, master's theses/doctoral dissertations, books located in the laboratories

  • Renewing
    • You can renew your loans before due date up to 1 time unless they have not been reserved by another user.
    • Please bring the materials to the counter or use MyOPAC to renew.
  • Please return all the materials to be borrowed when you leave the III/GSII.

Returning Materials

  • Please bring materials to be returned to the counter.
    • You can return III/GSII Library materials to any UTokyo library.
    • You can also return the materials borrowed from other UTokyo libraries to the III/GSII Library.
  • Book drop at the library entrance is available except for the following materials. Please bring these materials to the counter.
    • Materials borrowed from other UTokyo libraries
    • Materials borrowed from libraries outside the UTokyo
    • Audio-visual materials such as CDs/DVDs
    • Damaged materials
    • Bound Journals


  • Please fill out the photocopy application form located by the copy machine and submit it to the counter.
    • You may photocopy portions of library materials within the limit of the Copyright Act of Japan, with the exception of the materials not suitable for electronic copying such as damaged materials.
  • If you would like to have a receipt, please ask the staff.
Copy Machines
Location Payment Method Note
Reading room Cash (coin/1,000 yen bill) For library materials only
Outside the Library Entrance III/GSII copy card Both for library materials and personal materials

* There is a copy machine for III/GSII faculty and staff members in the library. Please ask the library staff.

Copying Fee
Type Fee
Black & White 10 yen
Color 50 yen

* The library cannot provide change, so please bring small denominations as needed. 1,000 yen bills can be used.

Book/Copy Delivery Request

Type of Order

Obtain Materials from other UTokyo Libraries
Type of order Fee
Book loan Free of charge
Photocopy delivery Black & White: 20 yen per sheet
Color: 60 yen per sheet
Electronic Document Delivery Black & White/Color: 20 yen per sheet (A3 size at the maximum)

About Electronic Document Delivery Service

  • Electronic document delivery service allows you to obtain copies of materials at some UTokyo libraries (e.g., General Library, Komaba Library, etc.) as a PDF file. You can view or print it. Please apply from MyOPAC.
  • After converting the material to a PDF file and uploading it to a server, staff at the holding library will inform you by e-mail. Log in to MyOPAC and view/print the PDF file from "Status of Loan/Photocopy (List)", using a PC connected to the university network (UTnet including UTokyo WiFi).
    • The PDF link will become invalid two weeks after the notification e-mail. It is not permitted to save PDF files according to the Copyright Act of Japan.
  • If you pay at private expense, you will receive an e-mail about payment from the III/GSII Library later. Please pay by bank transfer and submit a transfer statement to the III/GSII Library.
Obtain Materials from Libraries outside the UTokyo
Type of order Fee
Book loan Postage (round trip)
Photocopy delivery About 30-50 yen per sheet plus postage, handling fees

Prior Application for Paid Services

Please fill out the "Application form for the MyOPAC delivery request service (for III/GSII members) PDF " and submit it with your student/staff ID to the III/GSII Library. (You can also use file sharing service to submit.)

Payment Method

Pay at Public Expense
You can pay at public expense (e.g., management expense grants, etc.) except for the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKEN). Expenses will be settled by budget transfer later.
* If you wish to use your KAKEN, you need to pay out of your own pocket and receive reimbursement later. Please ask the III/GSII accounting division.
Pay at Private Expense
You will receive an e-mail about payment from the III/GSII Library when the materials have arrived.
Please pay by bank transfer to the following account within a week after the notification e-mail.
* Bank transfer is free of charge when using Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (SMBC) branches during normal business hours. Please note that a transfer fee will be charged when making a transfer at SMBC branches out of normal business hours or when making a transfer from an account at another bank.
Bank Account Information
Bank Name: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (三井住友銀行) 0009
Blanch: Tokyo First Blanch (東京第一支店) 931
Account No: Ordinary Deposit Account (普通預金)
Account No: 9519832
Name: National Universities Corporation, University of Tokyo, Income money of department (国立大学法人東京大学部局収入金)

Receive Materials

Applicants Who Pay at Public Expense
When you receive an e-mail to notify you that materials have arrived, please come to the III/GSII Library.
Applicants Who Pay at Private Expense
Please submit a transfer statement to the III/GSII Library and you will receive the materials in return.

Using Other Libraries

Other UTokyo Libraries

  • Terms of use differ depending on the library. Please check the List of UTokyo libraries. Student/staff ID or library card will be required when you use them.
  • III/GSII members can request book delivery from the Faculty of Law Library to the III/GSII Library using the request form. [Service details]
    * Request form and service details are in Japanese.

Libraries outside the UTokyo

Libraries that Do Not Require Letter of Introduction
  • National Diet Library
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Library
  • Libraries above are open to anyone. Please check the websites before visiting them.

  • National university libraries
    • You can use national university libraries (e.g., Hitotsubashi University Library, Ochanomizu University Library, etc.) by showing your UTokyo student/staff ID.
    • Advance inquiry may be required depending on the terms of use. Please consult the III/GSII Library staff in case of doubt, and we will make inquiries for you.
Libraries that Require a Letter of Introduction
  • A letter of introduction is generally required to use private university libraries. The III/GSII Library will contact the library you plan to visit and issue a letter of introduction after obtaining their approval.
  • To obtain approval may take some time. Please apply to the III/GSII Library one week before you plan to visit. It may take 2 weeks or more especially in the case of rare books.
  • Information Required for Application
    1. You name and status
    2. E-mail address and phone number
    3. Name of the university/institution you wish to visit
    4. Preferred date of visit
      * Please take into consideration the time required for issuing the letter of introduction.
    5. Bibliographic details of the materials you wish to use (e.g., title, author, year, volume number, OPAC link, etc.)

Book Purchase Request

For Graduate Students

GSII students are welcome to request the purchase of books to add to the III/GSII Library’s collection. Apply using MyOPAC.

Application Requirements

  • Books should be appropriate for the research area of the III/GSII
  • The purchase price should be between 1,000 and 30,000 yen.
  • We do not accept applications for the materials below:
    • Materials already held at UTokyo libraries
    • Pocket books (bunko/shinsho in Japanese)
    • Textbooks, how-to books, or novels
  • The decision whether to buy is made by the III/GSII Library committee. It may take some weeks to decide.
  • The number of books that can be requested for purchase is limited to one per person per year. Any requests beyond this limit will be considered only if there is budget to spare at the end of the fiscal year.
For Faculty

The III/GSII faculty are welcome to recommend books to add to the III/GSII Library’s collection. Please let us know by e-mail (click here for the address).

National Diet Library (NDL) Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Subscribed Libraries

  • The Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries provided by the National Diet Library, Japan (NDL) makes out-of-print or otherwise difficult-to-obtain materials available to the general public as digitized versions at public or university libraries that subscribe to the service.
    [The III/GSII Library has subscribed to the service since December 2018.]
  • You can browse digitized materials and photocopy portions of them within the limit of the Copyright Act of Japan.

* Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals has been available since 2022. You can browse or print the same contents from home without visiting the III/GSII Library. Prior user registration with the NDL is required.

Contents for Transmission
  • When you search for materials with NDL Online, materials that are available via the service will display "Available with Digitized Contents Transmission Service" in the search results list or in the use section of the content browsing page. Searching is available from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • List of materials (Contents for transmission, NDL website)
Service Hours at the III/GSII Library
  • Available during opening hours
  • If you wish to obtain copies of materials on the day, please go through the photocopy application as soon as possible. You may receive it on the next day or later depending on the time.

Please present your student/staff ID or library card at the counter. You can browse after you have been logged in by the Library staff.

Please fill out the photocopy application at the counter, or you can contact us by e-mail (click here for the address).
* You may photocopy portions of materials within the limit of the Copyright Act of Japan.
Copying fee
Type Fee
Black & White 20 yen
Color 60 yen

* The III/GSII faculty can photocopy for free.

You will receive an e-mail about payment from the III/GSII Library. Please pay by bank transfer within a week after the notification e-mail.
Receiving Copies
Please submit the bank transfer statement to the III/GSII Library and you will receive the copies in return.